Karen Lewis – Level 10 winner July 2016

“My 50th birthday was looming and I wanted to be fit and fifty NOT flabby and fifty!”

“My goal was to lose a little bit of weight, maybe half a stone, because at the time the weight was creeping on. I was aching and tired all the time so I was hoping that losing the weight would make me feel better in myself!”

“I had the most wonderful support from my now close friend and Herbalife wellness coach… and I am now in the best shape of my life. I’ve achieved above and beyond the goal I set myself and I’m so happy with my results.”

Weight:      136 lbs
Body Fat:     30,2 %
Muscle:        90 lbs

3 months later:

Weight:      126 lbs
Body Fat:     17,6 %
Muscle:        99 lbs

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