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Here you’ll find answers to some of the most common and general questions.
For questions not answered on this page, please contact your Herbalife Member or the person who introduced you to this website.

Are the products safe?

Yes, they are tested by each country’s food works in all + 70 countries where Herbalife sold . They go under the name of the food allowance ie Food! If you eat regular food , you can eat Herbalife. The products have 100 % of the contents listed in the table of contents of the jars , so that everyone can learn to what’s inside.

Can everyone use the products?

Yes, you eat normal food you can eat Herbalife. A person is allergic to something that person can read on the bottle to see if there is something that it is allergic to. Herbalife products can be used by everyone. Children, the elderly , pregnant and we all feel good about getting us in the right nutrition.

Can you use the products if you eat medicine?

Yes, At Herbalife products are no warning triangle or the like (which, by law, must be put out if a product is not compatible with certain medication or food).

Do I continue to eat Herbalife when I've lost weight?

No, our customers use first a weight loss program to lose weight. When they have gone down to their target weight, they use a weight management program for as long as it took for them to lose the excess pounds. When they are ready with their weight management decide themselves if they want to continue using Herbalife products for good health and to take in optimal nutrition.

Will I feel hungry if I drink two protein shakes a day and eating a target?

No, the customer is likely to take in more nutrition than what it receives itself through its ” usual” diet. A protein drink is equivalent nutritionally a three course meal but without the unnecessary calories! When the body ingests the nutrients it needs to feel they are no longer ” craving ” for unhealthy food and sweets. While the customer loses weight, it will feel good, feel agreeable terms and have more energy!

What if you want to cancel your Membership for any reason?

There is a fully refundable, 90-day money back guarantee for the cost of the Herbalife Member Pack. That is, if you chose to cancel your Membership within 90 days you have the right to a full refund of the purchase price of the Herbalife Member Pack.

If you are not already in contact with a Herbalife representative, please don’t hesitate to contact us for any query you might have.

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