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Image depict the International Member Pack in the UK. Member Pack content and price may differ from country to country. The price for the International Member Pack (IMP) will also vary between countries and currency. The actual registration fee is often slightly higher than the product value coming with the pack, but is well compensated for by the added value of marketing and training materials included.

You start as a Herbalife Member / Distributor by purchasing a Starter Pack / IMP (International Member Pack) directly from Herbalife.
The cost for the IMP (£38.12 in the UK) vary depending on what country you live in, but it will include all that you need to get started.

Get your Starter Pack here:
The following link should be used for the registration process:

1.  Simply start by ticking all boxes for the Gold Standard and choose your country at the top
2.  then fill in ID#: 07033083
3.  type the first three letters from “Sponsors last name”: Pet
4.  and answer “No” on row four. (Since you are about to order the starter/member pack directly from Herbalife.)
5.  Fill in your details and follow instructions. Your personal ID# will be emailed to you when the registration process is finished!


Your profit margin will start at 25% – and increase with volume.
Note that you’ll get free step-by-step training & support for a successful start-up!

Register as a Herbalife Member here

Click the image to the left to sign-up at Herbalife’s website!

  1. Tick the Gold Standard boxes
  2. Fill in ID#: 07033083
  3. “Sponsors last name”: Pet
  4. Answer “No” on row four
  5. Fill in your details and follow instructions.

Your personal Member ID-number will be emailed to you when the registration and payment process
is finished!

1.  The start-up cost is low and you don’t need to purchase a minimum quantity.

2.  If you need to cancel your Membership, for any reason, the Herbalife Member Pack comes with a fully refundable 90-day money back guarantee.

3.  If you need to cancel your Membership, for any reason, 100% of all purchases you have made in the prior 12 months will be covered by the refund guarantee.

4.  You are not required to purchase any sales or business tools in order to start as a Member, or to be able to succeed in your Herbalife business.

5.  In order for you to achieve realistic results it is important to use the right products – and that they are taken the right way. Therefore the product label states the benefit and recommended method of use, on each product.

6.  We only provide accurate information, with realistic expectations for the business opportunity, to potential and new Members.

Congratulations if joining Herbalife

Whether you want to become a ‘wholesale customer’ and only buy Herbalife products at wholesale prices for personal use, or a Member/Distributor interested in an extra income or finding a new career, you are equally welcome to Herbalife!


Our business opportunity is unrivalled in the direct selling industry. We set the Gold Standard in consumer protection and our success is dependent of your success, why we take really good care of all our new Team Members. We hope to welcome you to Herbalife and a very positive Member experience.

Follow the instructions above to get registered and enjoy your discount (and/or profits) today.

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